ACE Newsletter – Issue 1 (October 2016)

Welcome! We are delighted to introduce this first edition of the Australian Consulting Engineers “ACE” newsletter aimed at keeping clients and staff informed of company developments and projects. In this and future quarterly editions, we shall be reporting on ACE company updates, new team members, events and projects.

Our History

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The Engineering Practice of Australian Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd “ACE” was established in 1998 by Dr. Anthony S. Hasham to provide engineering consultancy services in structural engineering.

The company has since expanded throughout Australia and the United Arab Emirates, to offer multidisciplinary consultancy services in the fields of  Structural,  Post-tension, Civil, Temporary Works and Building Services (Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulics and Fire Services).

In the last decade, we have witnessed continuous growth that contributed tremendously to the Engineering Industry in Australia. ACE’s outstanding success has been a result of the dedication, loyalty and esprit de corps of our highly qualified management and staff.  Furthermore, ACE is active in their Corporate Social Responsibility and accordingly participates in community services and supports several charitable organisations. We built a robust network of repeat clientele and strong customer relationships based on trustworthiness and a sense of loyalty.

Dr. Hasham holds influential roles such as the Vice President of the Australian Lebanese Chamber of Commerce and a founding member/Director of the Australian Maronite Professional Council, allowing him to further promote ACE’s success and presence.

Recently the housing sector has seen a contraction in activity which was overshadowed by the optimistic growth in apartment building, commercial construction and engineering.

Nevertheless, the growth witnessed by ACE is unprecedented. ACE underwent a merger with Umbrella Consulting, an Australian company predominantly focusing on Building services and Civil Engineering. The merger has been effective as of July 2016, preceded by a period allowing for the smooth transition of Umbrella into ACE’s processes and operations.

Company Structure

ACE Group of companies consists of:

Australian Consulting Engineers (NSW) Pty Ltd – ACE’s expansions and recent merger urged us to incorporate a separate entity to cater for new on-going business processes and stronger financial compliance.                        

Australian Consulting Engineers (STRUC) Pty Ltd – Responsible for the design & documentation of structural detailing of commercial, residential and miscellaneous buildings with medium to high rise levels. This division also carries out strengthening and rehabilitation of existing and heritage buildings. Structural engineers ensure the safety and strong deliverability of projects through regular inspections, site meetings and the preparation of dilapidation reports. Our team works on a variety of buildings such as: High and Medium rise buildings; Luxury houses; Domestic dwellings; Industrial warehouses; Educational and Heritage facilities.

Australian Consulting Engineers (Post Tension) Pty Ltd – ACE has met the change of delivering a number of post tensioning solutions to innovative projects. The P/T team have acquired the skills and knowledge to create value engineered solutions. They are on the forefront in improving the standard of design and construction. ACE has delivered innovative and integrated solutions in:

  • Slab Pre-Tensioning
  • Slab Post-Tensioning
  • Multistrand Post-tensioning

Australian Consulting Engineers (TEMP) Pty Ltd – Temporary Work teams look after a range of services including: demolition of existing structures (including safe work method statements); Formwork; Scaffold; Temporary Structure; Crane Pad; Loading Bay and Temporary & Permanent Marquee Structures; Protection Screen (including captivated screens); Dilapidation Reports; Support Platforms; 3rd Party Consulting.

Australian Consulting Engineers (Civil) Pty Ltd – A fast growing subsidiary engaging in a variety of civil & stormwater design projects, such projects include: Erosion and Sediment Control; Flood and Overland Studies; Hydraulic Analysis; Project Management; Retention and Detention Systems; Sub-Divisions; Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD). Our diligent and innovative engineers will deliver the most efficient and environmentally friendly designs.

Australian Consulting Engineers (Building Services) Pty Ltd –Building Services Engineering is concerned with aspects of the built environment and optimizing the efficient operation of multi-purpose buildings. Building Services Engineers provides customized service for clients in the areas of:

  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Hydraulics & Fire
  • Lifts
  • Fire Engineering

Australian Consulting Engineers (Project Management) Pty Ltd – Furthermore, throughout most of our divisions, meticulous project management principles are implemented to ensure the successful delivery of projects. Such principles encompass: Project Planning & Scheduling; Value Engineering; Risk Management; Building Information Modelling; Contracts Administration; Commissioning; Quantity Surveys; Preparation and Evaluation of Tenders; Quotes; Evaluation of Progress Claims; Preparation and Management of Project Master Program; Preparation and Management of Sub-contracts


In the past few months, ACE has been thoroughly focusing on improving and aligning the working conditions of employees. ACE is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for its Employees, Subcontractors, Visitors and those in proximity to ACE work sites to ensure legal compliance with Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Cth) and other legislative codes and standards.

Our newly issued ACE Employee handbook provides holistic information as to the overall policies applicable amongst employee relationships in the workplace. We are committed to maintaining an environment safe from discrimination and harassment. In addition to workplace policies, our employee handbook further provides a detailed explanation regarding benefits related to staff employment and miscellaneous entitlements not explicitly elaborated upon in their employment contract.

A Manager’s Handbook will soon be available for Managers which will allow them to smoothly run their teams and carry out their daily duties and responsibilities. This handbook familiarises Managers with HR principles and sets out frameworks for managing conflict and promoting healthy workplace relations.

A further initiative reflecting our ongoing commitment to customers, is our client survey which is complete and ready to be rolled out. It gives clients an opportunity to express their contentment with ACE services and provides us with any constructive feedback on our project delivery mechanisms and quality of our deliverables.

Entrepreneurs: The Commonwealth Department of Industry, Innovation and Science runs the Entrepreneurs Programme supporting businesses with their overall performance. ACE is attempting to become part of this initiative run by the Department to achieve growth through strategic business improvements and connections over an extended engagement.

FutureNet: Over an eight month period, the FutureNet program, run by Consult Australia, takes high performing professionals from across the engineering field into their Business Leaders course. Shahab and Stefan represented ACE for the first time in a Tier 1 industry environment for this year’s course. We encourage all our staff to endeavor on this professional development journey and we will consider the merits of each employee’s application for next year’s course.


Team Building Events

Picnic: The Annual ACE picnic was successful and full of joy, happiness and laughter but mainly eating and drinking. Everyone’s hats were off and the party started with four spit roasts. Majority of staff and their loved ones came along to enjoy the rainy day which did not affect the jolly atmosphere. Kids were running and splashing in the puddles while their parents were enjoying good food and company. It took some hard work to get the day prepared but the experience and the smiles are all worth it. A special thanks to Mr and Mrs Vujica (Senior) for ensuring the spit roasts were perfectly cooked and served.

Annual Hays Soccer Tournament: Every year Hays organizes a soccer competition involving their clients, in support of ‘Make A Wish’ Charity. Hays generously donates to this great cause and shows a great support to people in need. ACE entered a team for the second year running and were drawn in one of two groups of six with their opponents: Kanebridge, Sheldon Interiors, TRICO, ADCO and last year’s winners Built.  ACE had a strong team which made their achievement possible. Whilst the team was awarded with the winning cup, their fashionable wardrobe did not go unnoticed. Our new soccer uniforms were labeled as ‘the best dressed’ at this year’s competition. We hope that they will remain in shape for next year’s competition with a strong intention to retain the cup.

Hayes Soccer Tournament

Urban Link: We teamed up with Urban Link in organising a couple of social events, including a bowling tournament and a laser skirmish. Our last July social event was at Heartbreak Ridge Paintball in Marsden Park. Everyone was enthusiastic after a long week of hard labor. Employees from both companies enjoyed nibbles and drinks while enjoying laser skirmish.

Urban Link

Marriage and Babies

We would like to congratulate some of our employees for their new life choices and additions.  Antoine and his newly wedded partner, Dominique, recently embarked on a journey of love and happiness.

The joy of marriage also managed to trap Adnaan despite his highly engineering focused mindset. Adnaan and Zeinab exchanged their vows in the faraway lands of South Africa.  Jo-Ann and Tony have also celebrated their marriage and we wish them a prosperous journey. We celebrated those three recent unions at Frappe over a dinner and few drinks. Sahar, Omid’s wife, surprised each couple with a lovely ensemble of flower bouquets as seen in the picture below.

Meanwhile, some other colleagues are reaping the fruits of their marriage by welcoming new additions to their families. Ramesh and Michel have embraced their newly born during this past year. Michel welcomed his third child, a gorgeous and handsome baby boy while Ramesh was blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby girl. However, Alice is awaiting her second baby as well as Shahab and his wife. We wish them both a pleasant delivery!


Wiping Tears: Wiping Tears Charitable Foundation is a non-profit charity designed to help five families a year. Its aim is to give immediate assistance to these families and provide opportunities to help gain their lives back after various unfortunate experiences and financial setbacks.

ACE is a generous sponsor for the foundation’s events. In April 2016, Wiping Tears Charitable Foundation hosted a fundraising event, The Blossom Ball, at the prestigious Doltone House, Jones Bay Wharf. The event was a memorable evening filled with entertainment, laughter and a fine dining experience.

St Merkorious “Walk the bay”:  St Merkorious has secured the park at Canada Bay for their annual major fundraising event. ACE participants along with their friends and family will gather for a wonderful day filled with walks, games, food and fun. There will be activities for the kids, and the young at heart such as rock climbing, amusement rides, jumping castles and stalls.

The funds raised will help provide food vouchers, produce and supply meals for the homeless and the disadvantaged, along with Christmas hampers and toys for St Merkorious’ Christmas Appeal event. Walk or run the bay will be held on the 13th of November 2016 in Leichhardt Oval #3, Maliyawul street, Lilyfield.


ACE Luncheon: On 20 June, ACE team all gathered for a friendly and informal luncheon at Frappe Café on Majors Bay Rd, Concord.

Melbourne Cup: The race that stops the Nation is just around the corner and ACE organized a get-together for its employees at Horse & Jockey Hotel Courtyard, Parramatta Road.

Christmas Party: Our exciting Christmas party is coming up soon!

I am an undergraduate Software Engineering/Commerce student at UNSW working casually at Australian Consulting Engineers as an in-house software engineer. I facilitate the development of various software platforms that ease day-to-day operations.


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