133-149 Samantha Riley Dr & 23 Hezlett Rd, Kellyville

133-149 Samantha Riley Dr & 23 Hezlett Rd, Kellyville

Details of the Project

Manager: Adnaan Mafawalla

This project involved a six storey mixed use development of:

  • 209 residential apartments spread over three buildings
  • An Aldi Supermarket
  • 13 Commercial Suites
  • 3 levels of underground parking


Challenges of the project:

The major challenge for this project was to accommodate a large span in the loading dock for the commercial area, allowing for large and heavy vehicles to turn freely due to the traffic management plan. Therefore, ACE in conjunction with the Architect proposed a solution to eliminate any intermediate columns.

 After analysing the option of steel trusses, it was found that a concrete beam was more efficient and cost effective.

 ACE proposed the most effective solution which involved two post tension multi-strand beams, spanning 27 metres with a dimension of 2 metres deep and 2400mm wide, supporting a full building load above and below on the mezzanine.

 The multi-strand beam spanning 27 metres was treated as a composite concrete element which was poured in two sections. This option eliminated construction restraints such as high volume of concrete placement and excessive back propping.

 On the 2nd and 8th of February the beams were stressed using hydraulic means. This involved placing a two-tonne jack on the anchor block to elongate the individual strands to a gauge pressure of 317 bar. Our Engineers were required to be present at the time of stressing to assist with the elongation of stands. The results from the stressing process was deemed successful.

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